What Is Api Testing? How To Test Api Endpoints Api Testing Tutorial

HTTP is also known as a stateless protocol because each request that it makes is independent of all previous requests. For example is here is how you would do it using SOAP UI. Although the video is older it should give you an idea on how to verify a WSDL response. Of course, what’s the point of creating a test if you can’t verify the results. There are many ways to do this depending on what test tool you are using. REST is a lightweight option for developing a web service that uses the HTTP protocol — a fact that makes it simpler with less overhead than a web service that uses the SOAP protocol. SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) is a way in which companies can organize software that can be quickly changed to respond to the requirements of the marketplace.

rest api testing

It is mainly the architecture of the Web in a software architectural style. A RESTful API directly takes advantage of HTTP methodologies defined by the RFC 2616 protocol. Google Chrome has a few good browser extensions available for you to test REST APIs in Chrome easily and conveniently to save yourself valuable hours. I was very excited to test this latest version from one of the best REST app testers for Chrome. Although the extension worked and did what it was supposed to, I was a little disappointed as it wasn’t as easy to use as I thought it would be. Also, I didn’t particularly appreciate having to install another app to use this one. The most commonly used methods are GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

Http Methods

In a testing project, there are always some APIs that are simple with only one or two inputs such as login API, get token API, health check API, etc. However, these APIs are necessary and are considered as the “gate” to enter further APIs. Focusing on these APIs before the others will ensure that the API servers, environment, and authentication work properly. Once again as we talked about earlier there are many ways to validate a REST response. Also, the choice of tools can range from just libraries used in a programming language like rest-assured for java or a full-blown vendor API test tools from a vendor like Microfocus UFT API.

rest api testing

Specify required body parameters that needs to be sent along with the request URL. POSTMAN is a REST Client, simply an app that comes with the Chrome browser. It is being developed, keeping developers in mind to make the API call testing easier. It has its own GUI for sending the API requests and reading API responses. One of the reasons that REST API are so popular is because they offer so much flexibility. Since the data is not tied to resources or methods, REST can handle multiple calls, return different calls, and even make structural changes.

Plug Api Tests Into Your Continuous Delivery

Are you frequently looking for tools to make testing REST APIs easier? These plugins and extensions for Chrome browser make testing easier. I found it to be a nice simple app with a very clean design. It did what I wanted it to do when testing some basic APIs. I only used JSON during my testing, so I cannot comment on how accurate the other syntax are.

Has more than 10 years of experience in the testing and test automation field.REST API is a powerful way to run tests. There are some pitfalls that cannot be spotted by api testing best practices alone. So, the key here is to opt for API testing tools after you’ve thoroughly worked with some tools and found out which one works best for you.

Rest Api Automation Testing Tutorial

He has strong expertise in the latest UI/UX trends, project methodologies, testing, and scripting. The intriguing thing about Testim is that it uses artificial intelligence to help with test suite execution, maintenance, and even creation. Seamless integration is possible with the Serenity automation framework.

Each verification method has pros and cons, and there is no one-size-fits-all option. You need to choose the solution that best fits your testing project. Test data and execution history can be saved along with API endpoints. For example is here is how you would create a rest API test using an open source solution likeSOAP UI.

Saved Requests

It was designed to test functionalities and measuring performance. It can also be used for analysing and measuring performance of web apps and a variety of services. Today, it is also used in functional testing, database server testing, and many more. TestProject’send-to-end test automation framework offers an open source addon for RESTful API clients.

5 Takeaways from SmartBear’s State of Software Quality Report – The New Stack – thenewstack.io

5 Takeaways from SmartBear’s State of Software Quality Report – The New Stack.

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There should be a way to see the raw SOAP XML structure for both the sent request and the retrieved response. Ideally there should be a way to see the XML data nicely formatted so that it’s easier to understand the interactions. However, in addition to communicating with human beings via the UI layer, computers systems have to be able to communicate directly with each Computing other. In the modern, interconnected world, we take for granted that all these different systems can speak to each other seamlessly, in reality that would not be possible without APIs. Specify HTTP method, URL and parameters, and click on Ajax Request. Note that this page requires a browser with HTML5 support. Don’t just check the health of your APIs once in a while.

Json And Xml Api Tester

Since APIs lack a GUI, API testing is performed at the message layer. Load testing is a crucial part of any software application or REST API development process. It helps you understand the functionality of a specific program to assure it works fine when it finally meets real users. These tests allow developers and companies to identify any bottlenecks.

rest api testing

Just like any regular website, REST API’s use HTTP for communication. The data can be sent or received in the form of JSON or XML. API testing is a type of software testing, which make sure API is returning correct response as per the expected response. It is a part of integration testing that determines whether the APIs meet the expectations of functionality, reliability, performance, and security. API testing involves testing APIs directly and as part of the end-to-end transactions exercised during integration testing. Beyond RESTful APIs, these transactions include multiple types of endpoints such as web services, ESBs, databases, mainframes, web UIs, and ERPs.


A few users mentioned bugs, which are to be expected in newer apps, but these appear to have been addressed as I did not experience the same issues. Also, most other users were pleased with the simple design and how easy it was to use. I enjoyed the simplicity and the speed when using Boomerang. The REST API plugin for Chrome was easy to use, and I enjoyed being able to set custom request headers. Although I didn’t use the SOAP client feature of the app as I was testing the REST client, it is nice to have this available in a single extension for developers who use both. I did have some issues with one of the responses I was receiving, but their helpful support quickly solved the issue for me.

rest api testing

Unlike SOAP-based Web services, there is no official standard for RESTful Web APIs. Maybe it’s me, but every time I hear the word “JSON,” rather than enjoying a feeling of restfulness, a terrifying image of Jason from the horror movie Friday the 13th pops into my head. Resources are the request from a client of what it wants to get from a host — like a web page or a database record. Basically, SOAP, which is an XML-based protocol used for communicating with a Web Service, sends info to the request using the HTTP protocol.

Going Beyond Functional Testing

By default the available formats are ‘multipart’ and ‘json’. For compatibility with Django’s existing RequestFactory the default format is ‘multipart’. Rest Assured is one of the well known Java-based libraries which is used extensively to automate REST APIs. By using these libraries, you can implement things in more than one form. For example, we either go with Hamcrest or TestNG Assert for assertions. One can also specify the multiple parameters at the API endpoint and separate each parameter by the ‘&’ special character.

  • #7) Click on the Authorization tab, select the Authorization type from the drop-down and set any desired Authorization or, can simply leave it as No Authorization.
  • JMeter − It is a widely used open-source tool used for performance testing.
  • Now, let’s take a look at calling a simple SOAP Web Service provided by webexerviceX.net.
  • Telerik and Kendo UI are part of Progress product portfolio.
  • Although the extension worked and did what it was supposed to, I was a little disappointed as it wasn’t as easy to use as I thought it would be.

The YARC Chrome plugin also keeps a history of your previous requests and responses so that you can use them for quick comparisons or rerun them. You are also able to choose from a range of headers or customize your own. And what is very important, Postman has the ability to write a testing script.

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